By: Blonde One

In a few weeks’ time I am off to Morocco again with a group of 13 teenagers. There are many, many things to do before we depart but a ‘girls only’ meeting is taking priority at the moment. Out of the 13, 9 are girls and they have asked if we can have a meeting where we talk about all things ‘girlie’. Now I’m sure we will not end up talking about the latest high heeled shoe fashion, nor the recent technological advances in solar powered hair straighteners! There does seem to be an abundance of things that girls need to concern themselves with though.

Firstly we will talk about underwear:

  • big knickers are the way to go, along with a non-lacey/fussy bra.

Then we will talk about hair:

  • yes we can wash it (sometimes in river water)
  • no you can’t use non-biodegradable shampoo
  • no don’t bother with a can of dry shampoo
  • it will need to be tied back, but not in a high pony tail as your sunhat won’t fit then

Next we will talk about other things that shall not be mentioned on this blog.

I wonder what a ‘boys only’ meeting would consist of …

Perhaps they would ask if they could take a rugby ball (we do have a rugby ball mascot that seems to come on every expedition), or they might ask if they can watch the football in any of our hostels? I’m fairly sure it would be a much shorter meeting than ours will be!