By: Blonde Two

I had a bit of a moment on Day Two of my Welsh expedition with Running Girl.

There was I, standing on my own in the middle of a high frozen bog, watching the daylight disappear and wondering how on earth I was supposed to judge how far I had walked along a track when:

a) The track wasn’t there any more.

b) Dragging my feet out of endless bog puddles meant that all my usual timing judgements were out.

c) Staggering from side to side in the bog meant that all my usual pacing judgements were out.

Wales Bog

It was one of those, ‘I am completely inadequate’ moments that we girls get. I have no idea if boys get them or not, but they are are probably less likely to talk about them if they do. I remember starting to compose a blog post entitled ‘The Inadequacies of Being Blonde’ in my head, when my moment overtook me, and all I could do was cry.

The tears were at least warm and I think there were only about five of them before Running Girl came back from her, “I’m just going run and see what is over that hill” mission.

There really was only one solution to the situation. Some people need chocolate, some people need alcohol, some people need coffee; I knew exactly what I needed! It is a tried and tested cure; so all I said to Running Girl was, “You need to give me some Jelly Babies, they are in my top rucksack pocket!”

This was, of course, entirely the wrong place for the Jelly Babies to be. They should have been in my jacket pocket and I should have started eating them about an hour before the tears.



They worked (who would have doubted the little fellows) and after RG stuffing about five in my mouth (nobody likes a crying bog-friend!) I recalled that I knew how to do a resection (a canny ground/compass/map manoeuvre), I had worked out that we would be back on solid ground before dark and I had remembered that actually I was completely and utterly adequate!

What wondrous Blonde medicine Jelly Babies are. I don’t know if it is their sugar content, their lovely colouring or their cheeky grins. Don’t leave yours at home!!