By: Blonde Two

If you were looking at the title of this post and wondering what on earth I was going on about, you would be excused.  My sisters and I have made up another new Blonde word. Three of us are down in Cornwall in the lovely village of St Germans (the land that tourism almost forgot) to celebrate Dad’s rather special birthday.

It is lovely here and one of the most peaceful places (with houses) that I know.  Dad has a good sized garden but not a lot of sleeping space in the house so I came prepared to sleep in Mr Blonde Two’s truck.  We had lovely evening out in the garden despite a few sneaky mosquito bites that got through the DEET barriers.  There was sangria, singing and Cornish pasties – what could be better?  When it came to bedtime, it became apparent that the Blonde adventure spirit is very much alive and well in my sisters.  Between us we had managed to arrive with exactly the right essential equipment to create not only the perfect outside tarp shelter but the most cosy and luxurious of glarping spaces.


The kit list that the sisters Blonde Two unwittingly gathered together included;  a largish tarp, a groundsheet, lots of odd bits of rope (including one that has been up Everest), two blue velvet cushions, a sheepskin rug, a futon (that was already here), a candle, some bunting, a pillow, a mosquito net, a sleeping mat, a torch and three sleeping bags.  The hidden ingredient that we needed to make the night so successful was a bit of know-how (sister three is a Forest School teacher and is paid to build fires and shelters – a bit jealous).

As you may have guessed by now, our new word “glarping” is the more adventurous outdoor equivalent to “glamping”.  Camp is to glamp as tarp is to glarp!  I can thoroughly recommend it – we had a lovely night’s sleep and woke up to the smell of Dad’s fresh bread coming out through the front door.


As well as the list above, I feel that there are three key elements that you must endeavour to include if you want your glarping experience to be a success.  A fire – those outdoorsy TV people are not wrong when they say that a fire is a psychological asset, some good weather – we had a warm breeze all night and some lovely people to share your glarp nest with – I don’t get to see my sisters often enough!