By: Blonde Two

Children are great aren’t they!

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that my children are now of adult proportions and mentality (well mostly), but from time to time, it is great to be able to spend time with actual, short, make you laugh, play in the mud children.

My nephew and niece are prime examples. They can hold interesting conversations, they like to call Mr B2 ‘Aunty …’, they can beat me at board games, know more about Star Wars and Harry Potter than me and  get less gravy on the table cloth than I do. Best of all though, my nephew and niece can teach me a thing or two about mud!

Mud, it would appear, is the Christmas toy that gets better and better each time you play with it. You can never get bored of mud because each time you squelch it with your boots, it gets stickier, gloopier and nearer to the top of your wellies. Not only does it give opportunity for racing, balancing and jumping, it also brings with it the tension that goes with knowing that any minute now, your welly is going to be stuck and your Christmas socks are going to be brown.

Mud sounds good too, you can phone your grandmother whilst stomping in mud and see if she can guess what you are doing and you can pretend that there is a burp-squelch-sucking monster lying just beneath mud’s oozy, brown surface. I think I made that game up myself, which just goes to show that we all need a little bit of mud in our lives.

Next Christmas I think we should all give a little bit more… MUD!