By: Blonde Two

I have to confess that up to recently I thought that Rohan were a pretty fuddy duddy bunch who sold outdoor clothes to middle aged people who were maybe also a bit fuddy duddy.

I was very wrong!  On several counts!

1.  Rohan sell excellent gear which costs a bit, but boy (girl) does it do the job (more on this another day)!

2.  Rohan sold some clothes to me and my fuds are not duddy, neither is my age middle!

3.  ROHAN ARE FABULOUS BECAUSE THEY ARE HELPING YOUNG PEOPLE FROM ALL BACKGROUNDS TO EXPERIENCE THE OUTDOORS.Mixenden Activity Centre 01Sorry to shout here guys but the Gift Your Gear scheme is one that we Blondes get very excited about.  To date we have given out three boxes of fabulous waterproofs, fleeces and trousers to fabulous youngsters who, let’s be blunt here, couldn’t afford them.  I would like to emphasise this … some of our youngsters would not have taken part in DofE or Ten Tors without the kit that Gift Your Gear provides.  This is not an over-statement, it is just plain true!

Gift Your Gear has kept our kids safe and warm and happy and it meant the world to us Blondes.

You want to join in now don’t you?!?  “How can I help Blonde Two?”, “What can I do?” It is simple really, here are some Blonde Instructions:

1.  Tidy out your gear cupboard and put the coat with the annoying collar, the waterproof trousers that prevent you from sitting down and the jacket that won’t fasten over your boobs into a bag.

2.  Watch this video

3.  Go to your nearest Rohan shop during the month of September.

4.  Smile nicely at the staff in there and explain that you want to Gift Your Gear.

5.  Give them the bulging bag and laugh to yourself about the jacket that won’t do up over your boobs.

6.  Go away again (you can buy something if you want to, I did).

7.  Have a coffee (may as well while you are out) and feel that warm, “I did something good” feeling in your stomach.

8.  Go home again and feel smug about your tidy gear cupboard.

If you do, there is a huge Blonde Thank You striding its way to you.  Who knows, it may be your jacket that crosses the finish line on a soaking wet but very, very happy teenager on Ten Tors Sunday next year.  What a lucky, lucky jacket that will be!

Please note: The happy young person pictured above is not one of our youngsters and she is not on Dartmoor, but she could be!