By: Blonde Two

The phrase “going dark” is, as you can imagine, a worrying one for a pair of Blondes.  Luckily, my title today is not referring to a change of hair colour, blog title or approach to life.  Neither are we finally admitting to being spies.  Although, if you think about it, putting your whole life onto the internet would be the perfect spy cover. Kind of like a Double-Blonde-Bluff!

The truth is that tonight, the Two Blondes are going out into the dark.  We have decided that it is about time we brushed up on our night navigation skills.

This appears to be a very good idea right now, as I sit typing in my cosy bed.  I will have several torches, a compass that mostly works and a map with only a few holes.  I will also have a fellow Blonde. What more could I need?

Tonight, however, as we get out of the Blonde Mobile into the cold dampness and remember how little you can actually see in the dark and how scary sheep’s eyes look when they are green and gleaming in your torch beam, I know that it will not seem such a good idea at all.  The phrase, “Why are we doing this?” and the word, “knitting” will be muttered, and we will think longingly of the pub that we have just left.

Such is the life of a Blonde!