By: Blonde Two

Please don’t panic, don’t ring the bells and don’t call out Dartmoor Rescue.  Despite first appearances, the title of this blog post does not refer to any changes of hair colour by the Two Blondes team.  It rather refers to the fact that today I will be starting a rather long journey (did I mention New Zealand?) and that providing daily blog posts may become a bit tricky for a few days.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you in the lurch, I have scheduled some tasty morsels of blog fodder for you that should keep you happy for a wee while.  It would, of course, be much more fun if I could guarantee a blog post mid Pacific.  I could tell you all sorts of exciting things like how long the plane is (if they let me pace up and down through First Class and the cockpit) or the calorific value of an average airline meal compared to the number of calories burnt while slumped in a seat.  I could do my best to explain why I always travel with a compass in my hand luggage (it is to do with crashing and leading everybody out of the jungle).  Or, I could send you photos of planes parked at airports (I wouldn’t do that, everybody else does and it is only interesting if you are about to get on the plane).

I would be particularly proud if I managed to send you a blog post from behind the Red Curtain (not the ones at the pub silly – I mean in China).  There are approximately a million obstacles to this happening but as I have six hours there, I should be able to sort out fifteen or so of them.  If you don’t mind, I won’t take any risks with the whole being arrested as a spy thing.  I am very fond of you all but am not prepared to take things that far.  I am hoping to be brave enough, however, to eat some noodles; I am also hoping that the reviews that talk about squat toilets are all wrong!

So how will you be able to tell if a post is a scheduled one or a “live” one?  I think it will be quite easy – due to flying through far too many time zones, the live ones will arrive at odd times of the day or night.  They are likely to be quite short and even more likely not to make any sense at all.  See you on the other side!