By: Blonde Two

Three weeks is a long time to be away from your nearest and dearest. That said, it is a short time to be on the other side of the world (the Blonde body has finally fully adjusted). I always think the good thing about going on holiday is that when you get home again, you feel that you have been away from your ‘real life’ for long enough to refresh it a bit.B2 Sand

Of course, much of my ‘real life’ isn’t my real one at all. I was not christened ‘Blonde Two’ (thanks Mum and Dad), I am not married to Mr Blonde Two (cue social media scandal) and my children are actual rather than hyphenated.

One of the things that the real me is going to have to start doing again soon is earning money.  I value work and the opportunity to do it well, but I dislike cash as a motivator. During a natter with my cousins, the idea of turning the thing that you love most into your work came up. I considered my loves at different ages, and the careers they led to:

a) I love looking at boys = washing up at a private school (14)

b) I love eating Fillets-of-Fish = frying stuff at McDonalds (18)

c) I love New Zealand farmers = picking pumpkins (19)

d) I love telling people what to do = time and motion studies (20)

e) I love my children = working as a teaching assistant (32)

f) I love my children and being bossy = getting a degree and being a teacher (40)

g) I love Dartmoor = writing a blog and some books about it (21)

h) I love blogging … (…)

I am about to (a tad reluctantly) go back to job f) for a while; the money and friends are good, and I value the contact with young people. I am going to continue to work on job g); there are some new books in the pipeline.

This leaves job h) my love of blogging. I have recently applied to to do some ghost writing work. The idea of ghost writing is exciting, but not as spooky as you might think.  No actual ghosts are harmed in the process; all that happens is that you write blog posts for other people. I have to confess that I have been wondering how many companies there are out there who want posts about bog-treading, getting lost in the mist or how to keep your boobs under control; but maybe someone, somewhere wants something a bit off the wall to promote their company.

In my Blonde plans, ghost writing for an external company is only a starter (the pay is pretty poor); one day I will have my own ‘Blonde-Blogging-Empire’. I will work closely with people who find writing their own posts difficult, I will Enable, Edit and Write and my grateful clients will pay me shed-loads to turn the whole world into a blog!

So if you know of anyone who needs a blog post or two writing (or maybe even someone who fancies a Fillet of Fish) … I am a very flexible Blonde with a wide range of interests!