By: Blonde Two

OK, I know, I have got my songs muddled up here, the one about Widecombe Fair should mention a grey mare and the one about attendance should be about Scarborough.  I am, however, asking a genuine question.

But I am not asking you the question, I am asking the Two Blondes.  This might seem weird to you because I am one of the Two Blondes but even I don’t know the answer yet.

We Blondes have been trying to get to Widecombe Fair for a few years now.  We have the same problem every year … just a little thing … it is the day-job!  We don’t have the type of job where you can ask for an day off or even finish a bit early and work tends to spread well into the evening at this time of year.  Which is why, the Two Blondes have been tucked away inside this weekend (well for some of it) getting as far ahead as possible with the day-job so that we can make a late break tomorrow to catch the end of the shenannigans.

The odds are against us but we are the Two Blondes and we will give our best go … again.  If we don’t make it, well that is ok, Widecombe Fair has been around for a very long time and we will retire from the day-job one day!