By: Blonde One

Believe it or not, sometimes I can be very stubborn!? It has been known that on occasion I can refuse to take advice and plough on in my own way, only to find out later that I should have listened to advice! I am well aware of this personality flaw and try to compensate as much as I can. Lately I have been seeing things from another angle. Since I began as DofE Manager I have been responsible for making sure that novice walkers are trained and ready for an expedition that is in an unfamiliar area, carrying the heaviest load that they have ever carried and used equipment that has never been heard of, never mind actually used! It has been a tough challenge on occasions but it has taught me many things. The most recent thing I have learned is that advice, when given, is always worth listening to and most often, worth taking action on. I have felt first hand the frustration of giving advice, watching it go unheeded and then picking up the pieces afterwards! Recently the Two Blondes have experienced frustration as kids have had to have extra training (that we have had to organise) because they didn’t take our advice. DofE is a constant learning curve and the Duke himself would be pleased to hear that his Managers are learning as much as the kids.

So if you have ever offered me advice that I have ignored – sorry! I will endeavour to change my ways in future.