By: Blonde Two

Good Morning Dartmoor

My first camp of 2014 …

Thank you for a lovely night’s sleep (for goodness sake, does it always have to be so cold at 3.00 in the morning).

It is great to be out breathing the fresh air again (my breath is steaming up my glasses it is so cold and damp).

I really enjoyed the stars last night (why all the cloud?)

And now the rising sun is warming my face (why all the cloud?)

Today the weather is set to be fair all day (why all the cloud?)

I am looking forward to a long walk with the youngsters (is there any chance of a sit down and some cheesy chips?)

I feel fit and ready for action (have you any idea how much my back hurts, I am too old for this sleeping mat lark!)

This porridge is delicious and my tea steaming hot (I am too tired to face another spoonful of porridge and I have just knocked my second cup of tea over!)

I love camping (not another set of wet tents to dry.)

Off for a jolly walk now (oh my goodness, I am nowhere near ready!)

I love you Dartmoor (I love you Dartmoor)!!!

Blonde Two