By: Blonde Two

Jack Russells are tough little Devonshire dogs; but like most lovely things, they do not last for ever.

Harry the Jack was a much loved part of family Blonde Two for nearly fifteen years. Not-at-all-Blonde was only six (but already very sensible) when we first took him home in an ice-cream box.


When we introduced him to the kids (now all grown), he was a shoe-chewing, pink bellied puppy. and when we said goodbye to him, he was a senile and sleepy old chap; prone to standing and staring at walls, and peeing (as is any old chap’s right) where he felt like doing so.


He was our first dog, and it wasn’t until he was gone that I realised how much he filled our house and our lives; I hadn’t realised that we all told him our secrets, and I hadn’t realised that I would miss dog hair on the floor and poo in the garden. One of our children described him as ‘a therapist/problem solver’ and he was.

My fondest memory of Harry occurred when I was hopping around on crutches after I broke my ankle. To get to our loo, I had to hop across the top of a rather steep staircase. Being Blonde, I was hopeless at this; and to start with a member of the family had to stand on said staircase so that I wouldn’t worry about falling down. Eventually I got better at it and was left alone in the house; Harry though, evidently thought that I still needed protection on the stairs, and diligently sat on the top step every time I crossed over to the loo.

Harry loved Dartmoor as much as I do; but he wasn’t very good at it. He would have run off were it not for his lead, he liked to bark at ponies, and he thought tors were for digging up and bringing home. He was never still; so looking at the view was a no-no, and Dartmoor over-excitement meant that he pulled so hard on his lead that he was choking himself. He also ate cow poo!

So, definitely not perfect; but Harry was very beguiling in his ways and made us laugh so many times with his antics and his ‘act first, think later’ approach to life. He was one of us and we loved him.

So thanks Harry Spotter, you were a star and we miss you!