By: Blonde Two

Well here we are at last, the clocks are about to change and tomorrow, somebody somewhere is going to be late for something, the Blonde blog will move back to its summer 07:00 slot and we will all have absolutely no excuse not to Get Outside in the evenings.

I often dread the onset of winter but this one has been my favourite for a long time. Although with Ten Tors training, Blonde One and I have always done a lot of winter walking and camping, I have for the first time this year been in a position to get up and Get Outside every morning. This has been overwhelmingly preferable to my previous, ‘get up and head for an overcrowded concrete block ‘ situation. The thing I have realised about the outside, in any weather is that you have to be in it to really appreciate it. As I write I am looking out of the window (touch typing is a marvellous thing) at a grey March morning, there is sea mist hiding Dartmoor and everything is a bit monotone, nothing to tempt me. When I venture outside however (sea swimming today) everything will change. The mist will swirl in interesting patterns and rise in patches from the sea, it will carry hints of ozone and mermaids to my nostrils and the greyness of the day will gather about it an air of mystery and adventure.

So this year, although I welcome spring with its birds, daylight and possibilities, I am not as greedy for it as I have been in other years. Goodbye winter its been great, next year I will look forward to seeing you again.

PS This post was written on March 16th so no apologies about the inaccurate weather observations!