By: Blonde Two
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The usual walking bra advice

If you’re thinking about buying a sports bra for walking, there’s plenty of very sensible advice out there. You know the sort of thing:

  • Make sure you get the bra properly fitted
  • Choose the right level of support for your activity
  • Try the bra on underneath the gear you’re going to be wearing

And I wouldn’t argue with any of those points but my years of walking with boobs (they refuse to be left at home) have taught me a few more niche tips about walking bras and what really matters.

My top walking bra tips

  1. When you’re choosing a bra style think ‘rucksack‘. You wouldn’t want to walk all day in a flimsy lacy rucksack with thin straps and neither do your breasts.
  2. Forget about shape. Once you’ve shoved a phone in that oddly placed top pocket, pulled on your second jumper, and tightened your rucksack chest strap (aka bap strap). Your boobs are either going to look a funny shape or be completely hidden.
  3. Forget about perkiness too. Your breasts might be in ‘Patagonia’ (the logo on my current favourite top) if you wear an underwired push-up bra but the right bra for walking may place them somewhere nearer the South Pole.
  4. If you’re camping (even for one night) pack a spare bra. That band of elastane around your middle is going to soak up walking sweat. Which is going to cool you down when you stop. And keep cooling you down until you take it off.
  5. Although it’s tricky to dry a pair of walking trousers or a jumper at the bottom of your sleeping bag overnight, it is possible to dry a bra.
  6. Even if your bra isn’t damp, storing it in your sleeping bag overnight will mean the first thing you put on in the morning won’t be a clammy band of yuk.
  7. If you’re hoping for a swim during your walk, a sports bra with fastenings is far easier to put on discreetly (or at all when you are wet) than one that has to go over your head. A sports bra is also more likely to look like a bikini should the need arise.
  8. Underwired sports bras are great for support and comfort but if you’re bigger busted, the wires can sometimes cause rubbing when paired with rucksack straps.
  9. Be prepared for your bra requirements to change. Whether this is over decades, years or days of the month, your breasts will change shape and size. Measure each time you buy a new sports bra and opt for one with good adjustment.
  10. If you’re wondering whether or not to bother with a sports bra, set up a bouncing experiment with a large orange inside the toe of a pair of tights. You’ll soon be converted.

Sports bras for the next generation

We recently paired with Adidas to try out some of their outdoor gear, which they kindly gifted to us. Because we are such fantastic mothers, we let our daughters choose a present each and they both (because they are such fantastic active daughters) opted for sports bras.

Here’s what they had to say about them.

Little Miss Blonde

I really enjoy running and exercise classes, especially Zumba but I also love walking on Dartmoor or along the coastal path. For me, sports bras need to be super comfortable because I sometimes wear them for long periods of time.

Not at all Blonde

I’m a larger chested woman so keeping the girls secure when I do any activity is really important. When I’m boxing, comfort and stability are key. The only black eye I want to get is from an opponent in the ring! Once my sports bra is on, I don’t want to think about it again so making sure it’s the right fit and has the right level of support for my larger chest is vital.