By: Blonde Two


Buy the Dartmoor Christmas Tree now on Amazon.

Buy the Dartmoor Christmas Tree now on Amazon.

Well dear Blondees and Blondettes, December is nearly upon us. In order to help us all through the Month-of-Darkness, we Blondes have got a detective competition for you.

Those of you who are seasoned Blonders will remember that last year, a bauble that had been specifically placed on the Dartmoor Christmas Tree, for the Two Blondes, was stolen! I know, it was shocking, we were even issued with a ransom note!Bauble Ransom

Well, during this year’s Autumn months, we Blondes have been hearing rumours of strange bauble sitings all over Dartmoor. This thief has a wicked sense of humour and has sent us photos of a beautiful golden bauble in 24 different Dartmoor locations!Bellever Forest

We would like your help and offer a prize in return. The first person to email us the location of all 24 baubles on Christmas Eve will win a signed copy of our beautiful children’s book “The Dartmoor Christmas Tree”.The Dartmoor Christmas Tree

Each bauble picture will be published at Two Blondes O’Clock throughout the Month-of-Darkness. Have fun and Happy December!