By: Blonde Two

Black Friday

Today is apparently Black Friday. Today, according to media and according to America, we are all supposed to push and shove each other around shops in an attempt to grab Christmas shopping bargains. Failing that, if we are infirm, have pacifist tendencies or actually go to work, we are supposed to get all hot under the collar about finding cheap things on the internet.

As we Blondes are now a business, and freely admit to trying (and succeeding) to sell you our books, we should really be offering you exciting discounts, bundles (can you have a bundle of two?) and deals. Here are a few reasons that we are not going to do that:

  1. Our books are far too lovely to be sold for less.
  2. It is November still!
  3. Being outside would be much better for you than shopping.


So here is a different kind of deal for you: Forget Black Friday with all its hassle and raised blood pressure. Go instead for Green Saturday. On Green Saturday, you can do as we will be doing; and take yourself up to Princetown to the Dartmoor National Park Christmas Fair. Last year, this was an amazing event and we had a lovely time signing books, meeting people and shopping. We are mainly going to shop this year, but you may spot us sneaking a snifter of Jail Ale, stroking a Christmas tree or buying stocking fillers. See you there!