By: Blonde One

Another local walk that I’ve recently discovered is Hackney Marshes (in South Devon not London). It’s a Nature Reserve managed by the local council and is a small area containing a network of flat pathways around some really interesting and diverse habitats. There are ponds, meadows, woodlands, orchards and hedgerows providing habitat to numerous land, air and water creatures, as well as the wild plants that grow there.

There are plenty of benches to stop and rest and enjoy a bit of quiet time, as well as notice boards giving information about the location and maps. One slight fly in the ointment on my visit was a notice board with it’s ‘You Are Here’ dot removed! It was a good exercise in map reading to work out where we were.

The area itself, as you can see from the map, is very small but perfect for an hour long walk, with or without a dog. The Passage House Inn was open for a quick pit stop on the way round and there was an interesting full size cow sculpture. If industrial history is your thing the canal area provides some interest of industry gone by.


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