By: Blonde One


The Blonde One family have a new place to entice you to. I am ashamed to say that until recently I had never been to explore Haldon Forest. Young Leader Search goes there a lot to enjoy the fantastic cycling opportunities and a lovely colleague got married there, so I had 2 good reasons to visit, but I ignored them both.


I was amazed by what I found when I got there. It caters for all manner of hobbies including: walking, running, cycling, balancing high up in trees on ropes (why you would want to, I don’t know), bird watching, Segwaying, Pilates, and many more. The facilities were excellent and included detailed maps of walking and cycling trails to make sure that you got the right one for your ability. You could bring your own equipment or hire it. If you wanted to wait whilst others threw themselves into the activities you could sit in the café (noisy but nice) and sample a good range of snacks (including gluten free) and drinks.