By: Blonde Two

Those of you who are familiar with Alastair Humphrey’s blog will also comprehend the term “microadventure”.  A microadventure is an adventure that is close to home, cheap and time limited.  He explains it much better than I do so take a look and see what you think

As you know, the Two Blondes are partial to a bit of adventure themselves but yesterday I experimented with another, more relaxed concept – I have christened it the “Half Day Holiday” (HDH).  An HDH is like a holiday but much shorter (obviously).  It can cost as much as you like, but during it, you must appear to actually be a holiday maker. Obviously, living in a holiday area makes this much easier but you can do it anywhere, and with anyone you like.  The key ingredients are as follows;

1.  Your holiday destination must be no more than an hour away (ish).  This can be by car but you are more likely to appear and feel relaxed if you arrive on foot, by bike or by camel.  Yesterday, I left the camel at home and chose to walk.

2.  Your holiday destination must be somewhere that you would choose to go to on a real, full time holiday.  A visit to the local amusement arcade doesn’t count if that is somewhere that you would usually do anything in your power to avoid.  Yesterday, I choose a bimble to our nearest and, as it turned out, most diver infested beach.

Long Meadow

3.  You must dress as though you are on holiday.  In other words, wear something that you would regret putting in your suitcase.  Please keep this within the bounds of good taste – white floppy hats are fine, bare tattooed chests are not (especially for the ladies).  Yesterday, I experimented with a long sleeved top (sunburn coverage), denim shorts (horrid for walking) and my walking boots (odd with denim shorts).

4.  When someone speaks to you (they will if you are riding a camel in denim shorts), you must pretend that you are the person you appear to be.  Yesterday, I had my rucksack and got asked about the South West coast path twice.  In reality, I had only walked 2km down the road from home but I gave answers that implied that I had just hiked from Lands End.

5.  You must take more photos than you usually would.  We all do it on holiday but often forget when we are at home.  Yesterday, I spent a happy hour scrambling through the woods trying to (and failing) get a photo of my favourite sea rock through the trees.

Sea through trees

Today is Sunday and I think it is looking set for more sunshine.  If you fancy an HDH, you have until 12 noon to plan it.  Have fun and let us know how you get on.  You can let us know what you have been up to here or on Twitter – @BlondesTwo #halfdayholiday.