By: Blonde Two

By my (albeit Blonde) calculations, we Two Blondes have now successfully navigated our way through half of the month of March.

You may remember that I wrote a blog post back in February (such a long, long time ago) about how we Blondes were concerned that we had overloaded March with expeditions, expedition planning and general outdoor mania.  Back then, we spent a lot of time trying to work out exactly why we had put a Dartmoor expedition into every single March weekend.  One theory was that we had misunderstood the typed word in our diaries and taken it as an instruction, “March Blondes March!”

At the time, March loomed like an impossible mountain to climb, had Blonde planning gone awry?  The answer to this pondering turns out to be a clear and decisive “No!” Our planning, as ever, was perfect.  You see, horrid things are afoot, horrid things that might just manage to turn the World-of-Blonde on its pretty, bubbly head.  I am convinced that visiting Dartmoor so often and with so many of our fantastic youngsters will turn out to be my complete and utter saving grace.

March, as it turns out, is going to be a tricky one but the things that we Blondes were worrying about, well, they aren’t the issues after all, they are the solution!