By: Blonde Two

A couple of weekends ago, Blonde One and slipped in a sneaky bit of Dartmoor wild camping. The Mr’s Blonde One and Two had both organised to be away on separate adventures, we happened to be in Princetown… the conclusion was obvious (well it was to us anyway).

We had, due to a rather pleasant evening’s pie and pint in the Plume of Feathers, a rather late night by the time we had walked out to our site, pitched and snuggled in. This (plus the fact that for once, we had no youngsters to chivvy) meant that we had a rather naughty accidental lie-in (you are supposed to get packed early if you are wild camping).

We were luxuriating in the tent, pondering important questions, when Blonde One posed, ‘How long do you think we could stay in the tent before someone started to wonder if we were okay?’

I replied that I thought we would be ignored for ever moments before we heard a cheery male voice call, “All okay in the tent?” We replied accordingly and a little conversation ensued, the owner of the voice and his friend were obviously amused to hear two female voices.

Good to know that chivalry is not dead!