By: Blonde Two

On Boxing Day, it is traditional to get up late (probably around 11.25 a.m.), eat cold turkey (probably around 11.30 a.m.) and drag the whole family out for a walk (probably around 3.30 p.m. when it is starting to get dark).

All of these should be considered most excellent and worthy post-Christmas pursuits, but family Blonde Two found themselves doing something a bit different. They spent a chunk of their Boxing Day (after the turkey and before the dark) wading round in mud and admiring Six-Foot-Blonde’s hammock system.

As you know, we Blondes love a system, and this was a system to be envied. Six-Foot-Blonde has spent 25 nights sleeping in his hammock this year.

You would imagine a hammock to be a net-like thing which dangles a body between two trees whilst making unattractive patterns on his/her backside. Six-Foot’s hammock system was far superior to his mother’s imaginings.

To start with he put up his tarp (apparently I can’t say tarpaulin as this makes me sound old!). This formed a very effective shelter underneath which we all stood, until it became clear that we were obstructing the next important system-element.Tarp

This was the hammock itself. Lightweight, posh polyester with a very nifty hanging-device set-up (please note that this Blonde mother has not remembered all of the technical names for all of the dangly bits!)Hammock System 3

You would imagine that a shelter and a bed would be enough, but you can’t be too careful in December about insects, so Six-Foot put together his mosquito net as well (this has clever poles which make hoops).Hammock System 2

This whole hammock-system proved to very comfortable (once Six-Foot had utilised persuasion and lifting to get me into it – there are advantages to having giant sons).

We didn’t get to see the “hammock-under-blanket” which is half a sleeping bag slung underneath the hammock But apparently, it keeps Six-Foot very, very warm! Maybe Blonde One should try it!