By: Blonde One

Over the last few months I’ve been getting ready for a big change in my working life. The change has been a long time coming and unfortunately it is still a few months away yet, but I’ve been busy trying to hand things over to my successor. I imagined that making the decision to move on would be the hardest part and that once that was done the hand-over would be fairly painless. How wrong I was!

Handing over something that I have given my heart and soul to has been very hard indeed. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the Young Leader programme and World Challenge have been things that I’ve been very proud of introducing at my current place of employment, and the thought of walking away from them and from Ten Tors has been tough. I am discovering that it is sometimes hard to hand over.

I have recently made an important discovery (that probably most of you will think is obvious, but it has only just come to me!). It makes a massive difference who you are handing over to. I am very lucky that in the last few days someone new has stepped in and volunteered to take over some of these things. Mr Climber, who you might remember, has come out with the Two Blondes on recent DofE expeditions has decided to step into some of my shoes. I have felt a significant sense of relief to think that safe hands are taking over what I worked so hard to create.

Well done Mr Climber and thank you!