By: Blonde Two

Whilst I was waxing lyrical about single malt whisky yesterday, I mentioned the word ‘draff’. One of the many evocative terms that are part of the history of whisky distilling, draff is what is left of the malted grain after it has been fermented.

Fermented grain smells a lot like fermented hops, quite appetising. We were informed though, that although it was a bit like beer, the resulting liquid didn’t taste very nice.

Not so the draff though; that is if you are a coo (cow). Apparently there is not much that a coo likes to munch more than pellets made from a good old bit of draff. I imagine it is quite nutritious, but suspect that the real reason that the coos like it so much is that it contains a small amount of alcohol. What with the ‘Angels’ Share’ and the ‘Happy Coos’, it is a wonder there is any whisky left for the German motorcyclists (there were many).


The cows in Scotland did indeed look very happy (this may be due to the size of the bulls); until they were in packets and labelled steak that is. Then they just looked very expensive; we tried some, they were delicious, presumably because of the whisky marinade!

Bull Scotland