By: Blonde Two

I’m in Up-North with two of my offspring (I haven’t seen them since Christmas).
It’s raining (and is likely to thunder too.)
Today (or maybe tonight) (or maybe tomorrow) we are going (all four of us) to play hammocks.
Text conversation between myself and Six-Foot-Blonde (middle child, second son, 24) earlier this week:

Six-Foot: “Mother dearest (he calls me that a lot) can I ask you a personal question? It’s about hammocks.”

Me: “No you weren’t conceived in a hammock.”

Six-Foot: “How much do you weigh?”

Me: “(insert a number that is more flattering than the truth)”

Six-Foot: “Excellent, I have just the hammock for you!”

Enjoy your chocolate, your families and your Getting Outside!” I will let you know whether lying in this situation was the best idea!