By: Blonde Two

Good morning campers and welcome to the morning after the night before. If you are feeling a little bit past-midnight today or if your lang syne really is feeling auld, we have three excellent Get Outside hangover cures for you. You don’t have to take any notice, of course, there’s always the duvet and something mushy on TV but we guarantee that a bit of Get Outside today will improve your head and get you feeling enthusiastic for the year ahead.

Get outside hangover cure one

We all know that a good old British fry up can be exactly what you need to soak up the post-party blues, but we can do one better than that. Pack up your bacon and eggs, grab a stove and fill your coffee flask, now you are ready to get outside somewhere and enjoy that breakfast in the fresh air. All with the knowledge that you have finally started to earn your calories again!

Get outside hangover cure two

There’s nothing like getting a bit chilly to help you feel awake so how about starting 2020 by dipping your toes into your nearest outdoor water. Full submersion in cold water can be dangerous, expecially if you have been drinking, so we don’t recommend that today but chilling your toes can be surprisingly good way to wake the rest of your body up.

Get outside hangover cure three

Go somewhere windy. Anyone who has ever worked or lived with children will know how excitable the wind can make them. Well here’s some good news, the wind can enliven grown ups as well. Great places to find strong breezes include the top of hills (walking uphill bonus points with this one) and beaches (could be combined with both chilly toe dipping and outdoor breakfast).

However you choose to get outside today we hope you have a lovely time, and that your outing encourages you to spend even more time outdoors in 2020 than you did in 2019.

Happy New Year!