By: Blonde One

For this week’s Tuesday’s Ten we have the New Year as seen on the maps of Devon.

  1. We just have to start with Tipleyhill! Most of us will have spent New Year’s Eve a little bit Tipley.
  2. New Bridge on Dartmoor. Unfortunately this bridge is gradually getting newer as it is bashed about by large vehicles and repaired.
  3. Candy Farm. Inevitably we have loads of this left over from Christmas.
  4. Lookweep Farm. New Year is a time to look ahead to exciting plans for the future but not a time to weep over the past.
  5. Frost Farm. January will usually be full of pretty frosty mornings. Perfect for a stroll on the moors.
  6. Footbridges aplenty. The tradition of the first-foot on New Year is that the first person to step over the threshold on New Year’s Day will bring good luck.
  7. Slipper Stones on Dartmoor. After a late night seeing in the New Year the 1st of January might well need to be a slippers and film day.
  8. Luckett, a small village on the banks of the River Tamar. Lots of New Year traditions include things to bring us luck.
  9. Dry Bridge near to Buckfastleigh. A ‘dry’ January refers to not drinking any alcohol after the excesses of the festive season.
  10. Soar Mill Cove in the South Hams. Fingers crossed that our heads are not too sore after New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year to you. I hope you get chance to get out and explore the fascinating place names in your area.

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