By: Blonde One

Happy New Year to you all!

Like Blonde Two I have been up on the moors today. The draw of the clear blue skies was enough to get me out, although it was unfortunately a short visit. It is amazing how much busier Dartmoor was today and it was good to see a wide variety of activities taking place by a variety of different sorts of people. There was the obvious walkers with their Berghaus, Paramo and springer spaniel, there were the families with 2 or more very lively young children with red cheeks caused by lots of running (children always have to run when on the moors) and then there was the young couples with their new Ugg boots and Superdry jackets – not exactly appropriate for Dartmoor conditions but they were having a good time nonetheless.

If you are struggling for a New Year’s resolution I would agree with Blonde Two when she says that getting out there more in 2013 is as good a resolution as any. I certainly aim to do just that! See you there.