By: Blonde One

Yesterday Little Miss Blonde and I went up to Princetown to get a ‘quality’ walk done for Little Miss Blonde to record in her gradually increasing log book. We decided that Princetown was a good location as the lunch/afternoon tea options were better there than anywhere else. Despite the weather at sea level being almost perfect, the Dartmoor weather, once again, had a mind of its own. It was quite misty and because of that we didn’t really expect to have to share our walk with too many others. How wrong we were! We left the car and after a few minutes joined what is affectionately known as ‘the motorway’ of the Nun’s Cross track. It was jam packed full of cyclists. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing Dartmoor with cyclists (as long as they stick to the rules) but I was a bit perturbed to see so many: there were hundreds of them! I have been known to partake in the odd bit of hyperbole in the past but this time I’m not exaggerating when I say that for as far as the eye could see on the path there were cyclists. We didn’t have a hope of walking on the path and instead had to go cross-country. I might have been a bit annoyed had I not read their t-shirts. They were doing a sponsored ride for Plymouth’s St Luke’s Hospice. The bright orange t-shirts were a sight to behold and they were donned by all manner of people: there were children and adults, men and women, fit and not so fit, experts and novices. I am in awe of them as this is not an easy track at all and I have since discovered that the route was either 15 or 35 miles long. Amazing!

Have a look at their website and maybe make a donation: