By: Blonde Two

Those of you who have been Blonde followers for some time, may remember that during my last visit two years ago, Norm and I planted up an area of creek with some native New Zealand trees in an attempt to encourage an area of native bush.DSC_2076

I said at the time that gardening in New Zealand is not the same as gardening in the UK; I wasn’t wrong (who could have thought that I would be?) I went down to visit Hare Creek yesterday. I am very pleased to report that Mr Hare is still there; he popped his head up out of the grass as I opened the gate and boinged off to tell Mrs Hare that “That interferring Pommie woman.” was back.Hare Creek2

Sadly, out of all of the trees that we planted, only one solitary cabbage tree remains. For those of you who live near to the English Riviera, cabbage tree = Torbay palm. For those of you who love a bit of Latin, cabbage tree = cordyline Australis. For those of you who live on Dartmoor, I am sorry, but you are unlikely to ever see a cabbage tree.

Apparently, there were two problems with the Hare Creek bush project: The first was that the neighbours cows got in and trampled all over the new trees soon after I had gone home. The second, that I forgot to come back over and water them all during the summer (Christmas).Hare Creek1

What I need to decide now is whether or not I want to have another go at planting Hare Creek. While I think about it, above is a picture of my one brave little cabbage palm. He definitely deserves a prize for survival skills!