By: Blonde Two

Strangers, as it turns out, are not all bad.

The Two Blondes met a very pleasant one yesterday; he had definite elements of Blonde about him.  A much loved hat that clearly will never be replaced, a rucksack that had been carefully packed and unpacked several times and a sense of humour that could cope with Blonde oddness.

More importantly, this stranger loves to walk … and walk … and walk.  In fact, he loves to walk so much that he does it day after day and goes much further than either of us Blondes have ever done.  We had definite walk envy as today sees him setting off along the Two Moors Way (I know, it is hard to believe but there are other moors), a route across Dartmoor and Exmoor that we Blondes fully intend to do ourselves one day.

I take my hat off to him (as he clearly isn’t going to ever take his off!).  His love of being on the move and his refusal to plan too far ahead are inspiring.  Long distance walking is definitely something for the Blondes to ponder for the future, imagine all those days stretched ahead of you out in the open and fresh air.  I am, of course, aware of my rose tinted Ray-Bans here but when your long distance walk is a couple of years away, you are allowed to discount the rain, the mist and the sore legs.

A message for ‘The Hat’:  It was great to meet you.  Have a wonderful walk across our moor.  We love it and are sure that you will too.