By: Blonde One

Upon leaving the house yesterday – in the hour of 6 I might add – I had a very uneasy feeling. As we have previously established the Two Blondes are very organised Blondes and yesterday was no exception. Well, so I thought! I had checked my kit the night before the Ten Tors training walk, I had bought my jelly babies and they were safely nestled in their usual habitat (the side pocket of my rucksack) and I had checked the weather forecast. Everything was as it should be, and yet I had this very uneasy feeling as I jumped in the car full of (tired) anticipation for the day ahead: I had forgotten something! You know that feeling, when you have been so organised that some things have been done for days and checked half a dozen times but still you think you have forgotten something important. After carefully running through a list in my head: boots – check, waterproofs – check, spare food and clothes – check, map and compass – check, fully charged phone – check, I reassured myself that all the essentials were there and that if I had forgotten anything it could be managed without. Despite all this, I drove the usual drive to our meeting point getting more and more annoyed with myself that I would soon realise my mistake and discover the crucial piece of kit that would spoil the whole expedition if I didn’t have it. I ran through scenarios in my head of how guilty I would feel to have to tell 2 minibuses full of kids that we would have to all go home due to this one piece of forgotten equipment.

When I arrived at our meeting point and had the usual pre-expedition chat with the other leaders it suddenly dawned on me what was missing: Blonde Two!!!! I can’t remember the last time I have been on a Ten Tors training walk without my walking ‘other half’. It was a weird feeling and one that I hope never to repeat. Where was my life coaching going to come from now, how would I make decisions and who would be there to laugh at and with me throughout the journey? Needless to say, I managed (just) without Blonde Two but the day was definitely less fun without her!