By: Blonde Two

Have you met my friend Dawn?

Dawn is a good friend of mine, particularly when the days are short, when it is already dimpsy at midday and when the clocks are ticking us down into the depths of winter. You would recognise Dawn by her flair for flamboyant clothing and her ability to appear, bright and cheerful, very early on even the darkest of days.

Sometimes Dawn shouts her presence with bright orange hues.

Sometimes she slinks in, hiding her best beneath her cloudy blanket.

At this time of year it isn’t too difficult to get up before Dawn and be ready to greet her. You still have time today (if you are reading this blog post as it arrives) to get up, get outside and be ready to wave your welcome. Dawn is due in the South West today at 07:26, if you live in Inverness you will have to wait until 07:58.

You might not feel like welcoming Dawn but I would encourage you to do so. She always rewards, with a feeling of satisfaction, those who make the effort to get out of warm beds and head out into the darkness.

You don’t believe me?

Well the only way you are going to prove me wrong is to get on outside and find out.

Ciao! I have a date with Dawn this morning… and she isn’t going to wait around for me!