By: Blonde Two

Everybody loves a treasure hunt, don’t they? Well, we Blondes definitely do, in fact, a treasure hunt is exactly what we experience every time we take one of our growing collection of Ordnance Survey maps out for a walk. Treasure doesn’t have to be made of gold and precious stones aren’t always shiny, sometimes a curious place name, a hidden well or even a strange shape in the contour lines can be the treasure and we are always excited when we find them, especially if a few navigation skills have been used in the process.

We love treasure hunts so much that we have teamed up with Dartmoor National Park Authority to make one that anybody, of any age, can enjoy.

Our Haytor Treasure Hunt is now available from the Haytor Visitor Centre. The treasure hunt includes an easy map snippet (thanks, Ordnance Survey) and a list of exciting things that can be found around the Haytor area. We can’t tell you now what you will be looking for because that will spoil the surprise but our treasure hunt will take you exploring the Haytor surrounds in a way that you perhaps haven’t done before.

So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a treasure hunter and want to practice a few (very simple) map skills, get yourself up to the Haytor Visitor Centre on Dartmoor as soon as you can. Rain or shine, on Dartmoor the treasure is always out there for the finding!