By: Blonde Two

Obviously as people who spend a fair amount of time teaching, we Blondes are going to have a bit of a problem with GBS’s famous quote (I think the play was ‘Blonde and SuperBlonde’).

The truth of the matter is, and science has since proved it, that you can’t teach anything effectively unless you can actually do it yourself.

Which is why, last night, I had a sudden, ‘My work here is done’ moment.

Blonde One had organised a night navigation session for our DofE Young Leaders. There were five of them and two of us; except that it really isn’t that way any more. Our three eldest Young Leaders will be leaving us in a few months and heading off to university, life and the outside world. They are amazing young people and will do well, we will miss them. But that isn’t what I wanted to say today.

What I wanted to say was that the thrill of seeing someone that you taught to do something (in this case navigate across an open moor in the dark), teaching someone else in their turn, goes beyond description. It wasn’t really until I got home that I realised what had happened. They knew nothing, we taught them, they will go on to teach other people.

It is as simple as that and it makes me very proud. He who can, definitely teaches!