By: Blonde Two

This is exciting – I have never written a blog post from an airport before!  The naughty yellow Jelly Babies have smuggled themselves into my bag and are now getting hysterical with excitement about being able to see aeroplanes.  I haven’t told them yet that they will not be allowed through bio-control in New Zealand and that their trip will end in a big green amnesty bin – still, they will get to enjoy China for a few hours.


So far the trip has gone really well apart from a bit of shoutiness going through security. Thankfully not directed at me.  The train trip was lovely and I was just thinking that, next to walking, train travel was one of the best ways to see the English countryside when … I woke up in Reading.  I think the sleeping may have come a bit prematurely, I have a lot of time to fill up yet and sleep can be difficult to get.

Oddly, there is a beautiful sunset through the rain at Heathrow today.  I am ignoring the noise and imagining that I am in an exclusive hotel watching a sunset over a lovely beach.  Haven’t had my gin and tonic yet, must go in search of that.  The Jelly Babies are insisting that they want one too but as they sneaked into my bag, we don’t have any ID for them.  I suppose I will have to share!

Now back to my navigation task of pacing out the length of Terminal 4’s shopping area. It is amazing how many ways a Blonde can amuse herself here!