By: Blonde One


Just on the Eastern edge of Dartmoor sits the superb activity centre Heatree. I recently took my World Challenge group there for a weekend of training and team building. I admit to being slightly sceptical; how could a weekend on Dartmoor in November really be useful for a trip to Morocco in July?! I was pleasantly surprised.

The Two Blondes went to the centre some time ago for its open day and learned about all it has to offer but it wasn’t until I spent the weekend there with a school group that I realised just how good it is. As well as the superb indoor sleeping, eating and learning facilities there are a range of outdoor spaces. There is a camping field with a couple of shelters to use for cooking when it’s wet, there’s an outdoor classroom area and there are a whole list of facilities for activities such as abseiling, kayaking and high ropes.


The pièce de résistance for me however was the reconstructed Bronze Age Round House. It was an authentic recreation of the type of hut that would have been seen all over Dartmoor and which now only remain as a stone circle.  Inside this hut was where we spent our Saturday evening, sat around the fire, playing games, telling stories and singing songs. It was very special and one of those occasions that will stay in the memory bank for a very long time.