By: Blonde Two

On Saturday, three Blondes (Little-Miss-Blonde had joined us) were waiting patiently at the top of a Dartmoor lane, waiting to cross our Bronze DofE teams over the nearby busy road so that they could carry on with their expedition. We waited and we waited, Blonde One went to see if she could spot them, we waited and we waited … If you have ever run a similar expedition, you will recognise the scenario well.  Questions start to form, “Are they walking very slowly?”, “Have they gone the wrong way again?”, “Are they hiding from their assessor somewhere?”

There was lots of Blonde chatter and sweetie eating but when those well known forms of Blonde entertainment started to lose their allure (we were there quite a long time), I turned to those giant Devon hedges (planted on earth banks) for occupation. They weren’t the most floriferous of hedges, with quite a lot of Nettle and Goosegrass (Cleavers) but I decided that because of this, I would challenge myself to create a posy of flowers.  There was a brief moment of indecision with this as all good Blondes know that you shouldn’t pick wild flowers.  However, we had walked and driven past miles of hedges, all much taller than me and I figured that the Hedge Gods would wouldn’t mind seeing as I was taking such a keen interest in their bounty.Hedge PosyAs you can see, I met the challenge (of course) it wasn’t a very big posy but I did find a remarkable number of flowers.  It is amazing what you find when you look carefully enough.