By: Blonde Two

One of the lovely things about this visit to the New Zealand farm is that, when I have opened my curtains at six o’clock in my morning (which is not the same time as your morning), I can sit up in bed and watch two families of young bunnies bouncing around the lawn. They are very playful, and have an air of mischievousness about them which has an obvious allure to a Blonde.

I have made a couple of observations about Kiwi responses to bunnies:

“They are lovely aren’t they.” Luckily, this was Norm and it is his garden, so the bunnies are safe.

“Oooh rabbit pie.” This was said in all seriousness but no guns were fetched.

“Stop digging holes in my paddocks you buggers.” This was Norm too but he still loves the bunnies.

Rabbit holes apparently can cause cows to fall and break their legs. Falling in a hole and breaking your leg is a bad thing; I should know, I have done it. This was why I spent a few minutes the other day, digging out a bunny hole and filling it back in. No bunny came hopping out; I am not sure if this was a relief or a disappointment.