By: Blonde Two

Dear Dartmoor Blondes

Thank you for yesterday’s sheep questions.  The flock and I would like to take this opportunity to answer them (Blonde Sheep):

1.  Do sheep have a night time routine?  Yes, we Dartmoor sheep do have a night time routine.  It is probably the same as yours; eat – wee – poo – snooze – wee – snore – poo – wee – wake – eat.  We try to sleep when it is dark but find that human light pollution often prevents this.

2.  Is there a hierarchy of which sheep to follow?  Personally, I only follow the good looking sheep, and avoid those with dangly bits hanging off their bottoms.  You probably avoid people like that too.

3.  Do you wonder what is in the field next door?  Of course we do.  Sheep are just like people, they always think that the grass is greener on the other side of the wall.  The difference is that sheep eat the grass whether it is green or not (deep sheep-metaphor-thing!)

4.  When you climb over the wall, are you pleased with your efforts?  It rather depends on how good looking the ram is on the other side!

5.  Do you communicate with other sheep about the best grass to eat?  We only communicate with other sheep if they are proper Dartmoor sheep.  We don’t like funny accents.

6.  What’s the best thing about being a sheep?  Sheep are super-intelligent, super-organised and super-good at planning.  Being a sheep is a bit like being a Blonde, only warmer.

7.  Do you ever wonder why two legged creatures sit in a box and watch you?  We don’t need to wonder.  We know exactly what you Bondes are doing and saying.  I like your truck and did you enjoy your coffee?

8.  What do you think about when you first wake up?  Brad Pitt usually, or chocolate cake if it the wrong time of the month.

Thanks for asking

Sheep 600,574,532,444,213