By: Blonde One

lamb lizard

Our recent DofE Silver ‘style’ expedition was interesting in so many ways. We were expecting to meet all sorts of interesting people and we weren’t disappointed. We met the fantastic Judy and Dave from the Cherrybrook Hotel, we met 2 excellent DofE teams out on the hill doing their Gold expedition, and we met some (obviously) fabulous DofE leaders who were waiting, following and checking their teams. What surprised me though about this trip was how few people we met in the middle of our walking days! There was surprisingly few people/teams/leaders out on the hill at the same time as us. On day one, we passed one team of youngsters and one dog walker before 9am and then didn’t see a single other person until we got to the Cherrybrook at 6pm. Someone at work today asked me if that made me nervous, to be so alone. The answer was most definitely ‘no’. This solitude was perfect and we felt that we had ‘our’ Dartmoor all to ourselves.

What we did see was a larger than usual amount of wildlife. Here’s the list: approximately a million skylark, a deer (amazingly well camouflaged), a lizard (suspected dead), lambs aplenty (very noisy), buzzards, cows, ponies, peacocks (honestly), goats, cats, sheep and several dogs.