By: Blonde Two

Hi Blondess and Blondettes – here I am home again in gentle Devon and all is looking quite shiny and nice.  I didn’t go to London to buy a fat pig, it was merely a stop on my way back to lovely Devon which is looking grand this morning.  Hopefully Mr B2 will take me to Dartmoor later on today for lunch and a stroll.  I feel the need to walk up a tor to reclaim some Dartmoor ground for myself.

I am a bit worried though, that a month of pottering round the NZ farm and eating lots of lovely NZ food may have had a negative impact on my ability to walk up said tor – I will have to choose carefully.  There are so many options …

Haytor – probably too busy today and, the pull up from the bottom car park is deceptive.  It would be embarrassing to have to stop half way up!  Rippon Tor would be my choice in that area as it can be approached from a variety of angles depending on how your walking legs are feeling.

Cox Tor – an even longer pull up but one of my favourites for a quick walk as the views are spectacular towards Plymouth.  Tricky because I am always tempted further when I go there.  I wonder if the pond has water in it again yet.

Sharp Tor – now there are lots of these but I am thinking of the Dartmeet one which offers the feeling of height with not too much effort from the car park.  Oddly, although I have walked all around it, I have never been up it!

Chinkwell Tor – good choice because you can sneak in Bell and Honeybag and still be in walking distance of the pub at Widecombe.  Not too steep a walk up and a really peaceful spot.

Whichever I choose, I know that breathing Dartmoor air again will be good for me and hopefully being outside will help to reset my body clock which is feeling a tad confused today.

I usually struggle flying back into London after a few weeks in New Zealand but this time London was behaving itself and, apart from the traffic and fumes (always a shock) was looking fine and dandy with it’s amazing sunset show.  Travelling west into this lovely sunset was great although I did fall asleep as soon as it got dark.


So nice of the weather gods to organise this welcome home for me after the horrid thunder storms that kept my plane stuck in China for so long on the way.  Sixteen hours on one plane is too much for anyone but it did, however, show me once again how lovely people can be when things don’t quite go to plan.