By: Blonde Two

I have just realised that my wardrobe has become redundant, I am living out of my holdall. I came back from Bronze DofE yesterday, put loads of clothes in the wash, dried them today (on the line, what a treat) and then took them upstairs.

B2 Holdall

At this point, you would imagine that I put the clothes carefully into the (rather overfull) outdoor gear drawer at the bottom of my wardrobe; but without thinking, I found myself rolling them up and packing them back into the holdall from which they had come.

My knicker drawer is nearly empty because all my favourite knickers have been stowed away in an orange dry bag; just in case it rains in the bedroom of course.

I nearly had to swim naked at the local pool because I had failed to notice my swimming costume was still packed in my holdall. Still packed and not unpacked, you understand, from the Scotland trip, not the DofE one.

I keep forgetting too that I have a home toothbrush and don’t have to use the travel one that lurks in my green dry bag. Neither do I have to dry with my rough travel towel; but I am expected to brush my hair and wear make-up (working from home makes a girl very lazy about that).

I rather like my holdall. It combines the rugged ‘Mountain Equipment’ look with some useful girly elements (namely a built in dry bag for soggy kit or dirty clothes and a rather nifty set of wheels for airports). I hope the feeling is mutual; we have been to some rather fun places together.