By: Blonde Two

Now as you know, the Two Blondes love all things Dartmoor and believe that, come rain or shine, come good days or bad, Dartmoor is the best place in the world to be. You might find it hard to believe then that I have found something that Dartmoor is lacking. I have discovered that there is a specific improvement that could be made to a typical Blonde Dartmoor day.

“Is it a bigger and better cream tea?” I hear you ask – no, Dartmoor’s cream teas are the best whichever way round you like your cream and jam. “Well, what about more exciting rivers?” might be your next query – hang on a minute though, this query could only come from someone who has not teetered across some of the Dart’s many stepping stones or ridden some of its rapids both in and out of a kayak. “How about some actual mountains?” you might question – it isn’t that either; mountains are fabulous but Dartmoor’s tors are infinitely more interesting plus, should you feel so inclined, you can stroke them (if you think this sounds weird, you should try it sometime).

I went for a Single Bimble in the depths of Shropshire the other day – Blonde One was in the depths of somewhere else at the time. I had a great walk in the rain and returned to my temporary home dripping but happy. Guess what I did then dear Blondees and Blondettes – as usual, I stripped off my wet gear and hung dripping things in appropriate places but instead of heading to the kitchen to make the evening meal or wrestling with wet tents as I usually do, I took off even more gear and climbed carefully into a hot tub.

I can now officially tell you, that the most delicious end possible to a rainy Blonde Bimble has to be sitting in a bubbly hot tub with a cup of tea. If you can add a natter with a friendly cockerel (there really was one) and a gaze up at the hills that you have just climbed then you will be in post-walk heaven. Now, if someone could just tell me exactly where Blonde One and I can do that on Dartmoor, we will be very happy girls!