By: Blonde Two

I went on holiday this week. A working holiday!

Well in truth my trip was just to the other side of Torbay but after so much time staying super-local, it felt like a real treat to be on the road again.

Perhaps my day was in fact a mini-day instead of a holiday but nonetheless I managed to pack loads in.

I strolled
I explored
I swam
I read the map
I drank hot chocolate
I chatted
I was given a bag of fresh mackerel

I enjoyed every single part of my mini-day but my favourite was my mile (there and back) stroll along the Brixham Breakwater. The sky was blue, the breeze was brisk, and the scenery was beautiful. There’s something really special about a structure that takes you, on dry land, out into the watery realms. I also really enjoyed exploring it from a different angle during my swim later in the day (beach side not port side).

If you haven’t visited Brixham, I can thoroughly recommend it. It’s an intriguing town with a wonderful history and is one of England’s biggest working fishing ports. It also has several very lovely sea swimming spots, including its very own sea filled lido!

It’s also home to one of the friendliest communities I have ever come across.