By: Blonde One

Yesterday we went in search of those illusive bluebells again. They are nearly there but not at their best yet. We had a nice afternoon anyway, with a cuppa at Ullacombe Farm (very nice. Give it a try if you haven’t been already), a gentle stroll away from modgeyness and the usual amount of giggles balanced out with some sensible decision making.

We had noticed on the way that there was some road maintainance going on. The first hint was a sign that gave us the giggles ‘Cats eyes removed’. Poor cats, we thought, how can they possibly enjoy the Dartmoor views?! The next clue was a silly car that decided to drive right across our path since the white lines were missing due to resurfacing. He (must have been a man surely?!) completely ignored our presence and swerved in front of us to get to his right turn.

On the way back the Highways Department had clearly been very busy and Blonde Two was a little startled to find that the white lines were back. I’m not sure why she was so startled but it made me laugh anyway. Immediately after this sighting of the new white lines we commented on a large puddle that we have come to know quite well. We have seen this puddle in the dark many times, in the fog (just) and in the sun. It is always there, whatever the weather and seems to just vary in how far it reaches across the road. The fact that this is a well known puddle and the depth is also well known to us, did not stop Blonde Two from driving through it as we have done many times. This time, however, was a little different! Usually we are driving in my car and so are safe from the splash zone. Unfortunately Blonde Two’s car is a low down sports car and we were driving with the roof down (in very Blonde style, I might add). Blonde Two hadn’t factored in the tidal wave that would come right up over the car!!!! To say I got wet was a little bit of an understatement: I was drenched! I think Blonde Two was secretly relieved that she was on the dry side of the car. The whole journey home was then a haze of laughter.

So, that’s how you know when there’s a Blonde driving!