By: Blonde One

On the recent trip to Scotland I was very pleased to be able to encourage a fellow walkist to purchase his first Buff. He had great fun trying all the clever ways that they recommend you wear it.

On the mountains a Buff is a really important piece of kit. When you’re all wrapped up in thermals and waterproofs it’s not nice to find that the only cold bit of you is your face. The top half can be looked after by using goggles (I was amazed at how warm these kept me) and the bottom half, from the top of the nose down, can be covered with a Buff. They’re really cosy to sleep in too.

Once we had experimented with effective and sensible ways of using them we got down to developing a new range of suggestions for Buff to consider.



Pob (you remember: from the 80s children’s TV programme).


A fetching side ponytail style. Perfect for a sophisticated evening.


Dementor. From the Harry Potter film.


Bank robber (hiding behind a cushion is essential).


We were unsure what to name this one!



I’m sure that as soon as Buff see these options they will change their packaging to include them. What do you think?!