By: Blonde Two

The question “Shall we go for a walk?” probably means something different to each person who hears it.  Today a good friend invited me on a “long” walk on Saturday afternoon/evening and I wasn’t sure whether I liked the idea or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I can walk all day quite happily (with an adequate supply of Wine Gums) and he is good company, but it is possible that a “long” walk could go on beyond my enjoyment zone and become a trek or even worse, a slog.

Some people go on walks that last for weeks, even months and some people prefer a little stroll up a hill.  We are all different and, if you are anything like me, prefer strolls one day and slogs the next.  I have decided that the hierarchy of walks goes something like this;

Saunter, Meander, Stroll, Bimble, Walk, Ramble, March, Slog, Hike, Expedition.  If you were a Kiwi, you would put “Tramp” in there towards the end but we are British Blondes and “Tramping” doesn’t have quite the same connotations over here.

If you fancy a meander, stroll or bimble on Dartmoor then take a look at our “Blonde Bimbles” page where, over the next few months, we will be posting some of our favourite one hour walks.