By: Blonde Two

I have learned a few things about campervan life since we purchased Ivanka our blue Toyota Hiace van. I have found out that a campervan is a wonderful way to explore the countryside, provides an exciting way to camp, make a great beach changing room and can help spread our outdoor adventures into the winter months. What I didn’t realise about campervans was that they can breed.

Two campervans? Whatever next?

Somehow (I am not really sure how to this day) we have ended up with two Toyota vans. Ivanka now has sister in the form of Greta (Toyata Hiace Granvia). You can tell Greta is an older sister because she is faster, less fiddly to drive and by far the plusher of the two vans (I by the way am also an older sister). When Greta first appeared I was reluctant to welcome her because we have had such fun in Ivanka. However we are planning adventures further afield next year (after a really successful campervan road trip to Scotland this year) and require a vehicle with a touch more ooomph (shh don’t tell Ivanka I said that).

A new campervan interior

Greta came to us disguised as a people carrier. Luckily Mr B2 is good at seeing through such disguises and spotted her potential. What he didn’t notice before purchase was that Greta was, in fact, a 4X4 people carrier. This discovery has made him very happy as he sometimes misses his big trucks. For various reasons we have decided against a totally new interior for Greta. She is going to pinch the wheels, storage unit and catering suite from Ivanka (that is the sort of thing big sisters do) and have a brand new bed.

Keeping it in the family

If you have been worried about little sister Ivanka in this story, you don’t need to be. She is set to go (albeit slowly) on a new adventure of her own to the land of Up-North where she will live, in adventure heaven with our son Six-Foot-Blonde. As far as I am concerned this is just as well because otherwise I am not sure I would be able to let her go to strangers who might not love her. She has been one of my happy places for a couple of years now. I predict family meet-ups and van-gatherings, and am fairly sure that it won’t be long before at least one other member of the family has his own van too.


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