By: Blonde Two

I remember distinctly that when Mr B2 and I were sitting, wrapped up in our bivvy bags in the snow at Nordkapp, one of the things that we did to while away the time until the midnight sun reached its nadir was to count the number of clothes we were wearing. If it had been a competition I would have won with a total of 14 (that is counting each sock separately – there were 4 but a pair of pants as a single).

Yesterday morning, however, as I set off for my morning sea swim, I repeated the experiment and was pleased to note that I was only wearing 2 items of clothing (shoes, I decided, didn’t count). Being clad only in a swimsuit and dress is a very pleasing experience, it is somehow liberating and makes a girl want to skip (I didn’t) and stroll into the sea (I did).

It was interesting to note that, as I entered the sea, I was, in fact, wearing more clothing than upon my arrival at the beach. I had removed my dress (dresses get too tangled in the sea) but donned a rather fetching yellow Adventure Scilly swimming hat and a pair of goggles (again these counted as single).

As I type I have adopted a kind of middle-of-the-road approach to summertime dressing and am wearing 4 items of clothing plus a blanket because my feet are cold. I think I like 2 best… but there was that time I had to leave the beach wearing just 1!